IT Outsourcing with Crystal – Your Data in Safe Hands

Customised IT expertise and specialist know-how. To secure lasting performance, security and high availability for an IT infrastructure, you need to keep up to date on IT know-how at all times and have quick access to additional project-specific specialist know-how – a huge challenge for small and middle-sized companies especially. Crystal complements your in-house IT team with additional skills, exactly where we are needed – with individual IT outsourcing made to suit your requirements. That means: predictable costs and efficiency in projects of all sizes.

Our Core Business: Complete Management of Your Network Infrastructure

From project management and design via implementation in data centres and rollout to operational monitoring and support – we provide all the IT services needed to ensure a smooth and productive use of your network infrastructure. Whether you ask us to help with a single IT services or to be responsible for the complete management of your network and security environment, we integrate our services with any existing in-house systems and processes you may already have in place.

For particularly large and/or complex application environments using applications such as SAP, Siebel or Oracle, we offer fully managed, customised solutions – including management of the application server platforms themselves.

Crystal: IT-Services for Your Network Infrastructure

  • Service availability monitoring and reporting – keeping an eye on service SLAs

  • Configuration management – detailed documentation of all network components and their interactions: proactive identification of possible bottlenecks

  • Change management – to ensure that changes in your network have the expected benefits and are implemented in a controlled, safe manner

  • Incident management – early recognition and systematic resolution of incidents in the network services

  • Software version management for network devices – for improved stability and reduced vulnerability coupled with getting the most out of your network components

Specialists Required: WAN Infrastructure Services

Management of international and intercontinental network infrastructures is one of our specialities. We help you to achieve an effective Wide Area Networking (WAN) infrastructure through:

  • Negotiation with carriers – more assertiveness thanks to many years of experience and expertise

  • Firewall management and maintenance – complete security in highly complex data traffic flows

  • Border gateway router management and maintenance –  effectively organised interfaces at network borders: for unobstructed optimal connectivity

  • Comprehensive DNS services – for perfect accessibility, high scalability and optimal load distribution across your network

  • E-mail (SMTP) services – more security and convenience for your e-mail infrastructure

  • Global IP routing management – from the careful choice of your IP routing strategy to the monitoring of your network

  • RIPE object management – more efficiency through keeping your RIPE objects properly updated and maintained (Crystal is a member of the RIPE Network Coordination Centre!)

Data Centre Housing – High Security and Quality of Service

Do you prefer to host one or more complex applications in a high availability, secure Tier 3 or 4 data centre environment? Whether for a production or disaster recovery facility: with our experience across a wide range of data centres and a careful risk-benefit analysis, we can offer you the most appropriate solution for your needs. We will find the right secure data centre location for your application – for maximum security and transparency in your network.