Consulting – the First Step to a Better Network

Good Ideas from the Professionals

More performance, less cost – we support your small or medium-sized enterprise in all network-related issues. Here are our consultancy services at a glance:

  1. Defining your objectives – your customised network.
    Number of employees, operational procedures, mobile device management, server housing, etc.: we help you to precisely define your needs and objectives – for an individual network that fulfils all your requirements economically.

  2. Analysis – evaluation and documentation.
    What components are already available? What needs to be replaced or renewed? Is the network structure “Best Practice” conformant? We analyse and document your existing network infrastructure – for an efficient and effective redesign or extension of your network.

  3. Scaleability – with one eye on the future.
    Scaleability is one of the most important features of a network. A flexible network that grows with your company is essential in this day and age. We consider your future needs today.

Efficient, Cost Effective, Secure – your Ideal Network with Crystal

Our goal is: To evaluate precisely how your infrastructure is able to fit your requirements now and in the future with:

  • greater efficiency

  • more effectiveness

  • lower costs

  • simple operation

  • the highest possible security

Cloud Computing – Yes or No?

Small and medium-sized enterprises today are being challenged whether and how they can profit from cloud computing. Crystal has the answers:

  • Yes or no to the Cloud? We identify what benefits you want to realise by moving into the cloud and help you make an informed decision for or against cloud computing.

  • Public cloud, hybrid cloud or private cloud? We can help you identify what kind of cloud solution will best serve your company’s needs.

  • What can safely be put into the Cloud? We will help you identify what data – particularly with regard to security! – can be migrated to the cloud.

Network Consulting with Crystal – Your Benefits

Crystal is your reliable network partner – profit from our many years of experience, special know-how and competence in internet technologies.

Higher network performance at a lower cost – Crystal will make your network more efficient: high performance that costs less.

Simpler operation and improved transparency – We will make your network lean, efficient and easy to manage, thus considerably reducing the costs.