Project Management – the Path to Certain Success

Your projects on time, on spec, in budget and meeting your quality requirements. IT and networking projects are becoming increasingly complex. The communication bridge between technical staff, responsible for the architecture and implementation of the project, and stakeholders

representing the interests of executive and middle management is one of the greater challenges in technologically focussed projects. Limited resources, tight budgets and time frames add to the challenges.

Crystal – International Project Management

Whether your project is small or large, whether it is local, international, or even intercontinental, Crystal, backed by its decades of experience in project management, will drive your project on its way to success - consulting and supporting you, managing your projects for and with you. With our technological expertise together with our experience in projects of all sizes spanning wide inter-cultural boundaries, we speak the language of both IT specialists and executive staff, enabling us to effectively reach out to all parties involved in the project.

PRINCE2® – the Method of Choice for Project Management

Improved structures for project management – your direct road to success: PRINCE2 stands for “PRojects IN Controlled Environments” and is a non-proprietary, freely scaleable method for project management with worldwide acceptance. Applicable in projects of any size, kind, organisation, geographical and cultural constellation, PRINCE2 makes sure your projects deliver the expected benefits – within the given framework. Crystal, as a PRINCE2 expert, will help you to incorporate this method as part of the best practises of your company.

Crystal’s PRINCE2® Services

  • We customise PRINCE2 to fit your individual company environment – ensuring you can achieve the high-level performance this method can deliver in your projects

  • Professional introduction to PRINCE2 on multiple levels – to achieve greater acceptance with all project partners

  • We place our project management expertise at your disposal – we provide the project management foundation for your current and future projects